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Download - Imperial forces PL/CZ
PL version of Imperial Forces - translation and help by de99ial :)
Some examples:
Download link for Imperial reference cards - Imperial_forces_PL.pdf [2057 KB]  
Download link for Imperial command cards in version 1,2 -Imperial_command_cards_PL_1_2.pdf [1170 KB]  
Download link for Berserker command cards - Berserker_command_cards_PL.pdf [427 KB]  
Paper figures you can find in DOWNLOAD IMPERIAL FORCES ENG Section.
CZ version of Imperial forces and command cards -translation and help by Deth nad Major
Some examples:
Download link for imperial forces CZ : imperial_forces_CZ.pdf [1980 KB]  
Download link for imperial command cards CZ in version 1,2 : imperial_command_cards_CZ_1_2.pdf [1166 KB]  
Download link for berserker command cards CZ : berserker_command_cards_CZ.pdf [384 KB]