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 MUTANT CHRONICLES CMG is collectible miniatures game - war game full of tactics and fights. Game is situated
into the world of mutant chronicles. Where  MEGACORPORATIONS stand against each other and against darkness -
forces of DARK LEGION .
 The game is for 2 players and each player build his own army of miniatures. The game use unique system of building an
army. More info about this system you can see on this video : 
MUTANT CHRONICLES CMG is not first game from the world of mutant chronicles.
First was DOOMTROOPERS CCG - card game. Doom Trooper is a collectible card game designed by Bryan Winter.
It is based on concepts from the Mutant Chronicles franchise. Players use warriors to attack and gain either Promotion
Points or Destiny Points. Promotion points can be used to win; Destiny Points are used to purchase more warriors and
equipment. There are 13 different card types and over 1100 different cards available.
More info about this card game you can  find here - 
After card game came GENESIS game  - DOOMTROOPERS
You can download it and try here  - 
In 1993 came new board game with name SIEGE OF THE CITADEL- In Mutant Chronicles, you control one of five
corporations: Imperial, Cybertronic, Mishima, Capitol, or Bauhaus. With your own unique expertise, you make decisions
and plan your strategies. Each successful mission brings you to a new one with a different Citadel layout and different
events that can help or hinder you in battle. Each promotion gives access to more powerful weaponry! The strike on the
Nepharites is beginning! Grab your Punisher Shortsword and your Plasma Carbine and make your mark in the Mutant
In the same year ( 1993 ) was created new board game - BLOOD BARETS -This game included many of the rules
of popular wargames, including a chit-based initiative system, cover, hidden deployment, and model facing. It too used
Target's one hit, one armor roll system (with a d20) for fast action. This game was distinguished by a card for each character.
When the  character was hit once (or twice, for the Nepharites), the card was turned over, revealing an injured portrait and lower
stats for the injured character. When the character was hurt twice (or four times, for the Nepharites), it died. The game is enjoyable,
but since it has only three mission scenarios, it does not lend itself to much variation upon repeat plays. The human player
is aware of the general location of mutants through the use of his "scanner" - which is counters placed on various tiles
(revealed when a tile is overturned and replaced with the appropriate miniature). Even so, the game is an enjoyable
introduction to the roleplaying game and is very adaptable for those gamers who like to tinker with rules systems to
develop their own variants. The subsequent development of Warzone as a tabletop miniatures wargame added a large
number of metal miniatures that could be used in variants of the game.
In 1994 we could see another game from the world of mutant chronicles - FURY OF THE CLANSMEN - Fury of the
Clansmen is a tactical combat game set in the Mutant Chronicles universe. Players control squads of Clansmen or Dark
Legion minions in various missions on the planet Venus. Each side has special objectives in each mission, and the team
that accomplishes its goals first wins the game.
In 1995 was created first edition of WARZONE - miniatures war game. Game consist of several books - basic rulebook,
Dawn of war, Dark Eden, Causalties of war, Beasts of war :
In 1998 was the second edition of WARZONe created , consist of 3 rulebooks, 80 plastic miniatures, templates ...
At last in 2004 was created last and 3rd Edition of WARZONE: