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MUTANT CHRONICLES CMG is war game with miniatures for 2 players. Game is from a world of MUTANT CHRONICLES.
It is  the dark future world, where people are not divided into a nations, but their lives are controlled by MEGACORPORATIONS.


Bauhaus Corporation had a well-deserved reputation for engineering excellence and
now, nearly 1400 years later, the reputation still holds true. During the colonization of the solar system all the corporations
employed their skills in the construction of ships, atmospheric processing plants and gravity regulators. In addition to this
they were recognized for their honorable business ethics. They rarely offered the most appealing deals and they were
never the cheapest but agreements signed with them were always honored.
As one might expect the Bauhaus reputation for excellence extends onto the  battlefield. Their militaryhardware is
generally of a high standard and their mechanical and vehicular support is notably superior to that of the other corporations.
Combined with good discipline and highly trained troops, the Bauhaus army is one of the most effective in the solar system.
Following the culture of military service the troops themselves are also well motivated and follow a code of honor that has
earned them respect throughout the corporations.


Capitol was the first corporation to fully appreciate the commercial viability of colonizing the solar system. Taking
the initiative they invested a massive amount of resources in the construction of a permanent launch facility and resource
depot on the Moon. Their investment paid huge dividends as traffic throughout the solar system increased and all the
Megacorporations began using the Capitol base. They developed a reputation for logistical expertise that persists to this day,
for their supply lines and rapid deployment record is by far the most impressive of all the corporations.
The Capitol Military reflects the emphasis on individuality, which is prevalent in their society at large. They possess
a large regular army but the majority of conscripts join up in the firm belief that they are destined for service in one
of the special-forces divisions.


For all the achievements of the Imperial Corporation, their history is forever darkened by events that changed the
world of mankind forever. During the pre-Exodus migration from Earth it was the navigational space-faring skills of Imperial
that allowed it to rise in power until it was on a par with the other megacorporations. Although the smallest of the corporations
their imperialistic nature has allowed them to keep step as the great powers of the solar system jostled for power. Their
success is due to the caliber of the common citizens and not to the corporate leadership, which has earned a well-deserved
reputation for bad judgment.
Like the civilian population the Imperial military is characterized by outstanding troops which are let down by poor
leadership and relatively poor equipment. Imperial officers can be split into two distinct groups. Solid, experienced
individuals who have earned their promotion on the battlefield and risen up through the ranks. These leaders are
afforded the greatest respect and can ask great things of the men who serve under them. In contrast there are the
privileged officers who view the battlefield as a means of achieving impressive trinkets with which to adorn their shiny
military uniforms. Unfortunately these upper class fools are in the majority and many a campaign has ended in bloody
catastrophe as a result of their lack of experience and self-inflated bravado. Amongst the battle-hardened veterans of
the Imperial forces such officers are known as 'fops'! And yet, even as they are the focus of much derision, they are
still obeyed as the officers they are.


Of all the corporations Mishima holds most closely to the ancient traditions of its origins.They suffered badly
during the Fall because so much of their wealth had been accumulated through the design of microprocessors and the
generation of powerful AI's. But as history has repeatedly shown, Mishima has a remarkable capacity for resilience.
Their adherence to duty has seen them accomplish many things that other corporations considered impossible, not least
of which was the successful settling of the infernal world of Mercury.
The battlefield is the one place where all citizens of Mishima have the opportunity for equality, not in rank, position
or opportunity but in courage, service and the freedom to die well. There is no law saying that peasants of low
status cannot fight with the honor of a great warrior. Having said that the divisions in society exist just as clearly
in the military. Nobles will automatically become Samurai, while peasants will automatically be formed in the Ashigaru.
All started when these megacorporations left Earth. This act is known as EXODUS.  There where many reasons
why they left. Some people say, that Earth was overpopulated, others say that too many wars and hatred were between
people on Earth and new generation wanted to be free from this blood events on Earth. MEGACORPORATIONS stared to
colonize other planets in a universe. BAUHAUS colonized VENUS - world of thousand islands and hudge jungle. CAPITOL 
had base on Moon and over 50% of Mars was their territory. IMPERIAL clolonized asteroid VICTORIA and MISHIMA had deep
caves and underground world of MERCURY. When LUNA - new name of Moon wanted a indepentednt from Earth, started
new war of independent between MEGACORPORATIONS and people on Earth.  Earth lost this battle and after years of war
Earth has changed - fallout was everywhere and life as we know him in these days was dead. Earth got new name -
People of MEGACORPORATIONS forgot on DARK EDEN and started new war - war between CORPORATIONS
known as FIRST MEGACORPORATIONS WAR.  In This time IMPERIAL ship land on PLUTO. No one knows what happened
there, but when this IMPERIAL ship came back to VICTORIA only one passager was alive and he was mad - just said " She
kissed me " .  After this event a new power spread all over the universe - dark power from PLUTO. This power was named
DARK SYMMETRY - This power put out of order all modern, hi - tech technology, event a X-ray did not function properly. So
only way how to survive was using old technology, what was using in 21. century. People die on the streets every day in hudge
numbers. Collapse of Central bank was disaster.
In this bad times when death was every day event, rised new force. BROTHERHOOD with their leader Nathaniel Durand
the first CARDINAL.


One might say that the formation of the Brotherhood rewrote the course of history. The Brotherhood was formed
in 2275 A.D. by the first Cardinal, Nathaniel Durand, following the end of the First Corporate Wars. Its foundation drew all
the corporations together in unity. A new calendar was begun in the year of the Cardinal's inauguration and dates were
henceforth written as Y.C. -In the Year of the Cardinal.
From the earliest days of the Brotherhood they have established themselves as a martial force and not simply a clerical
order guiding humanity with words of wisdom and peace. The times are too dark, the enemy too prone to slaughter for such
a charitable expression of faith. Did not the Cardinal himself lead an army of thousand against the Apostle of War and did he
not smite down and cleave into bloody ruin many a hell-spawned demon sent against him. He did; and as in all things,
the Brotherhood follows what Cardinal Durand I taught them.
The military wing of the Brotherhood, which forms the larger part of the Inquisition, is growing all the time. From
the moment  they joined the Brotherhood they considered themselves part of a holy war and as such they are highly motivated.
The Brotherhood military is very varied and a good pool of standard troops augmented by special assignment warriors,
many of whom possess the mysterious power of the Art.
When BROTHERHOOD rised from ashes, then another power rised - forces of DARK LEGION where spread all over the
universe and attacked  humanity. Activity of DARK LEAGION started when IMPERIAL ship ( again ) land on a new planet - last 
planet  of our solar system, planet NERO. All MEGACORPORATIONS was leading by BROTHERHOOD and they met on
the battlefield on VENUS in the last fight against DARK LEGION forces.


Dark Legion is leading by five apostoles - apostoles of war
Algeroth, Apostle of War and Master of the Dark technology: Algeroth rains chaos and destruction upon
any field of battle that feels his presence. In his ranks you will find many of the violent apparitions that the Dark Legion
has to offer. The steel-fleshed Razides and the unearthly Ezoghouls that tear into battle knowing no fear. The fearful
Nepharite Overlord Alakhai is infamous as he was the first such creature to be seen by human eyes and Saladin, who
contested Mars and branded the planet with the symobol of his master and the planet's two moons with the symbols
of Semai and Muawijhe so that none should forget the power of the Dark Legion.
IIian, First Mistress of the Dark Soul: The Templars of IIian are almost human in appearance but appearances
can be deceiving. These powerfully muscled soldiers of evil are semi-mechanical beings, torn from their original plane
of existence and sent to fight humankind against whom their appetite for death can be sated. The Nepharites of IIian make
no pretence of hiding their mastery of the Dark Symmetry. They delight in drawing on powerful elemental forces and
unleashing them with vicious venom at the cowering forces of mankind. Lightening bolts and blasts of freezing energy
rupture and burn the flesh of those who stand against her.
Semai, The Betrayer, The Speaker of Lies: The Heretics of Semai are possessed of the most depraved minds
imaginable. The insidious mind of Semai is a powerful force of evil. He preys on the fears of the weak-willed, seeding their
minds with false promises of safety. He is known as the Betrayer, for those who fall victim to his powerful visions turn against
their friends and comrades, giving themselves over to the Dark Legion as the shadow of treachery claims them.
The Nepharites of Semai follow their master's lead in terms of deception. They often resemble humans, and they use this
likeness to infilitrate human ranks and carry out their task, to turn people against their own and to slay them if they refuse
to be turned.
This battle won humanity and DARK LEGION fall back into the darkness. After this new golden era started. BROTHERHOOD
became the most powerfull side and every MEGACORPORATIONS accepted this fact. But after some time many people did not
agree with power of BROTHERHOOD and during one night of second collapse of the central bank rised new MEGACORPORATION
- CYBERTRONIK - this MEGACORPORATIONS left LUNA and did not co-operate with BROTHERHOOD. They colonized
asteroid DEMBOVSKA.


Compared to the other corporations the history of Cybertronic is extremely short. However, in the 160 years since
they reached Megacorporation status they have had a huge impact on the solar system. The corporation had its beginnings
in a relatively unknown company called Cybertronic Investments Inc., with a dubious reputation for developing technology
in violation of Brotherhood directives. In the year 1103 Y.C. they orchestrated a colossal 'ghost collapse' of the stock exchange
on Luna. Billions of valuable share were unwisely sold only to be bought up by supporters of Cybertronic who suddenly
emerged from within all the corporations. The company's assets soared rapidly and almost overnight a new Megacorporation
was born.
As the Cybertronic farms continue to deliver citizens at a rate that no other corporation can match the ranks of their
military are swelling in step. Many are the rolls that one might fulfill for the corporation but none yield the esteem or the potential
rewards of serving in the armed forces.Contrary to what most Cybertronic citizens believe, their soldiers do not always go
into battle supported by the finest military hardware to be found in the solar system. It is true that the best that Cybertronic
has to offer really is the best there is. However, Cybertronic's resources and their confidence in their superiority are not
as limitless, nor as certain as they would have their citizens believe. As a consequence of this the majority of their troops
are sent into battle with equipment that is decidedly average in quality and effectiveness.
Peace was not very long period - more and more conflict between MEGACORPORATIONS led to SECOND MEGA  -
CORPORATIONS WAR and all people of the universe was involved.
Last point in the human history was comeback of the DARK LEGION - but in the prophecies of BROTHERHOOD , last fight
will be on the DARK EDEN - mother of  all mankind.