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ENG Section
Hello, my name is Anatol and I made this webside for you - fans of Mutant Chronicles CMG or World of mutanchronicles.
I have already made one map of  venusian jungle and I hope you will like it, It is very fast map, where you can fight after
first turn of the game - many cover terrains and difficult terrains.
I want to finish first set of game MCH CMG so I decide to create faction, that was not a part of the starter set - IMPERIAL,
MISHIMA, CYBETRONIK - I started with IMPERIAL because it is my favorite faction. It was very difficult to make some graphic
and balanced reference cards and command cards - I hope I made good cards but they need some testing, so If you
want help me , just download , print and play and post me here or on my mail some notice or ideas.
All massages are velcomed.
Next I started with international project, I want to trasnlate my cards into to all languages as a original game, so I hope
that some fans will write me a mail and they want to help with translations :) It si all for you fun from playing .
3.5.2009 - I wrote to Deth - Czech fan and he agreed with translation so we will have CZ version of my cards very soon.
4.5.2009 - Polish fan de99ial  wrote me that he wants to translate this cards into polish language :) nice.
5.5.2009 - Coral Beach  wrote me some ideas of IMEPRIAL , MISHIMA and CYBETRONIK forces - It is now subject
of some discussion, becasue  I do not think that they are in balance :( 
5.5.2009 - Translation of reference cards is finished into Polish language by de99ial.
5.5.2009 - FFG release new command cards and there I find official releases of teplates of coomand cards of Imperial
so I had ti change old command cards of imperial to new graphic - you can new version downloading now :)
6.5.2009 - de99ial sent me Polish translation and Deth with Major sent me CZ version so today is PL and CZ version
of Imperial forces availalbe. Nice work boys.
7.5.2009 - PL and CZ version of IMPERIAL FORCES is available :)
9.5.2009 - First sight on MISHIMA forces is ready testing .
10.5.2009 - I add 13 paper figures to download for people which dont want to proxy with another figures.
10.5.2009 - CZ version of MISHIMA units is finished.
11.5.2009 - 3 KI power command cards are finished and ready for testing + version 1,2 of imperial command cards is ready.
11.5.2009 - MISHIMA command cards are finished. 9 cards are waiting on you in MISHIMA download section.
12.5.2009 - PROMO MISHIMA unit  DEMON HUNTER in 3 color variation is ready for you.
13.5.2009 - CZ version of mishima command cards and promo cards is available. ( by Deth and Major and Anatol )
14.5.2009 - PL version of MISHIMA forces, command cards and KI force cards are ready for Download by de99ial.
15.5.2009 - First version of Cybertronic forces is available and ready for testing.
17.5.2009 - UPGRADE cards and command cards for cybertronik are finished.
22.5.2009 - patch 1,2 of cybertronic forces is finished - in PDF file in cybetronik ENG section.
23.5.2009 - New photos in gallery from LL pack.
25.5.2009 - patch 1,3 of cybetronik units
27.5.2009 - I add PDF file with back side of reference cards of MISHIMA, IMPERIAL and CYBERTRONIK