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Links...  - official Czech site about Mutant Chronicles CMG.    - all info what you need about world of mutant chronicles.  - official site of the creator of the Mutant Chronicles CMG.  - support page to MCH CMG - you can find there rules,FAQ,maps
                                                                                                      and more ....  - direct link to official Forum of the Mutant chronicles CMG.   - web about boardgames, where you can find some info.  - blog about Mutant Chronicles CMG, you can find there proxy ideas and more  - another fan site about MCH CMG with many maps for downloading  - web site about MCH CMG in French language.  - CZ blog about MCH CMG with picture and my stuff :D  - very nice site with many pictures from Boner  - PL community site  - CZ site about board games and miniatures.