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Download - Cybertronik forces ENG
At last I made for you some Cybetronik forces. This side has strong defense and normal dices, and normal speed but they
have long range dices so they can be in save and fire from a distance on their targets. This forces have two basic trategies.
First : they just go on the firing range distance and try to kill enemy from long distance with green dices, or try to go to the 
middle of a battlefiled to some Victory zones and try to  push back enemy forces with blue dices. THey have storng defense
so they are able to survive very long time. They are focused on debuffing enemy.
There are 4 gold units, 5 silver units and 4 bronze units.
Armor - 6
Accuracy - 3
Dodge - 0
Flying - 0
Speed - 0
Armor piercing - 1
Infilration -
Melee - 0
Green  19
Blue   9
Yellow:  1
Red:  4
  - new command card icon = UPGRADE command cards.
Examples of Cybertronik forces -
I changed some reference cards to make cybertronik more balanced.
Another changes in forces of CYBERTRONIK side to more balance system :
Download link for Cybertronik forces ENG patch 1,3 pdf file - cybertronik_force_eng_1_3.pdf [1676 KB]  
back side of reference card:
Download link for PDF file of cybetronik back side reference cards - back_side_of_cybertronik_reference_cards.pdf [990 KB]  
Paper figure :
PDF file with all cybertronik paper figures is here - cybertronik_paper_figures.pdf [1269 KB]  
UPGRADE command cards :
Cybertronik command cards : 
PDF file woth cybetronik command cards and upgrade cards : cybertronik_command_cards___upgrade_cards.pdf [1299 KB]